Neuromimetic photonics & Spatiotemporal complexity


In this research project, we are interested in investigating the physics of neuromimetic systems and the spatiotemporal complexity in microcavity lasers with integrated saturable absorber. These original microlasers are designed in the team and fabricated in the C2N cleanroom facility.


 Permanent staff
Sylvain BARBAY (DR - PI)
email :
Tel : +33 (0)1 70 27 04 51

  PhD & Post-docs
Anirudh PAMMI (PhD)
Amir-Hossein MASOMINIA (PhD)
Léna SOUN (Postdoc)

PhD or Internship positions may be available. Please enquire !

Gregorio Fernando GONZALES CORTES (Visiting PhD)
Karin ALFARO-BITTNER (Visiting PhD)
Quentin GAIMARD (Post-doc)
Foued SELMI (PhD)