Hybrid III-V / Silicon nanophotonics



Our research activity is focused on the exploration of light-matter interaction in III-V semiconductor/Silicon hybrid structures and its exploitation for the achievement of smaller, smarter, faster optoelectronic components which will revolutionise our world, governed by information and communication technology!
Indeed, these hybrid structures combine the best of Silicon and III-V semiconductor photonics, merging the fantastic capacity of Silicon and especially Silicon on insulator (SOI) to provide an excellent way to achieve highly compact low loss passive optical circuitries, with the optical gain of the III-V semiconductor compounds.
By taking forward this domain into the Nanophotonic arena, our aim is to build a new panel of optoelectronic devices, ultimate in terms of power consumption as well as in speed. Our goal too is to trace new paths in nonlinear and quantum optics through the use of unprecedented optical configurations enabled by the hybrid approach.




  Permanent staff

Fabrice RAINERI (PR Univ. de Nice - PI)
email : fabrice.raineri@c2n.upsaclay.fr
Tel : +33 (0)1 70 27 04 34
Rama Raj (Emeritus Researcher - CNRS)
email : rama.raj@c2n.upsaclay.fr


  PhD & Post-docs

Quentin Chateiller (PhD)
Lea Constans (PhD)
Dimitris Fitsios (Postdoc)
Francesco Manegatti (PhD)
Gabriel Marty (PhD)


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  • PhD in hybrid nanophotonics
  • Postdoc in hybrid nanophotonic

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Yacine Halioua ( Yacine_Halioua_PhD_thesis )
Alexandre Bazin ( Alexandre_Bazin_PhD_thesis )
Guillaume Crosnier ( Guillaume_Crosnier_PhD_thesis )
Aude Martin
Nhung Vu ( Nhung_Vu_PhD_thesis )


Gabriele Vecchi
Timothy J. Karle
Vito Roppo
Dorian Sanchez