Parametric nonlinear nanophotonics


Involved People: Gabriel MARTY (PhD), Fabrice RAINERI (PI)


We endeavour to tap the properties of semiconductor nanostructures such as photonic crystals for nonlinear optics, especially for second and third order nonlinear effects at telecom wavelengths. Nonlinear optics in nanostructures have grabbed, for quite some time, the attention of many researchers as the structuring of the matter at the wavelength scale promises the achievement of particularly efficient nonlinear processes with reasonable optical powers. This opens up a vast panoply of devices and functionalities such as frequency doublers, parametric amplifier, frequency combs or entangled photon sources, which may be integrated into a photonic circuit. Our current interests in the domain lie in:



Parametric amplification


GaInP based slow light waveguide for parametric amplification

Resonant Four Wave Mixing for frequency combs and entagled photon pairs generation

Scaning electron micrograph of a nanobeam cavity for efficient resonant Four Wave Mixing



  • Alfredo De Rossi and Sylvain Combrié (Thales Research and Technologies)
  • Bart Kuyken and Gunther Roelkens (Ghent University)
  • François Leo and Simon-Pierre Gorza (Université libre de Bruxelles)



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