nanophoTOnique Non linéaire et Information Quantique

At micro and nanometric scale,  light-matter interaction allows a large spectrum of astonishing effects. TONIQ group gather specialists in nonlinear and quantum optics, optomechanics, neuromimetic photonics and nanotechnologies who address such phenomena with hybrid, coupled and active systems. These systems include photonic crystals and photonic arrays of micropillars, waveguides or nanocavities.

Events & Highlights

June 1st 2023:  pleased to announce new Phys Rev Lett article on extreme events prediction.

July 7th 2022:  Fabrice Raineri is finalist of Prix Jean Jerphagnon 2022 !

July 5th 2022:  Rémy Braive received Prix Fabry-de Gramont 2022 !

Jun. 2021 :  Rémy Braive rewarded by Institut Universitaire de France.

Jan 25th 2021:  Kamel Bencheikh will present his HDR.

Dec 10th 2020:  Guilhem MADIOT presented his PhD


Nov 2023: A novel internship offer has been published [PDF] .

Jan 2021: Pulse-timing symmetry breaking in an excitable optical system with delay appeared on Phys Rev E.

Jan 2021: Photonic crystal optical parametric oscillator appeared on Nature Photonics.

December 2020: New article on Microlasers for neuromorphic computing appeared on Focus issue of SFO magazine Photoniques Click here !

October 2020: New paper on The driven-dissipative Bose–Hubbard dimer: phase diagram and chaos appeared on New J. Phys Click here !

October 2020: New paper on Versatile Photonic Entanglement Synthesizer in the Spatial Domain appeared on Phys . Rev Applied Click here !