nanophoTOnique Non linéaire et Information Quantique

At micro and nanometric scale,  light-matter interaction allows a large spectrum of astonishing effects. TONIQ group gather specialists in nonlinear and quantum optics, optomechanics, neuromimetic photonics and nanotechnologies who address such phenomena with hybrid, coupled and active systems. These systems include photonic crystals and photonic arrays of micropillars, waveguides or nanocavities.

Events & Highlights

Participation of Giuseppe MODICA and Guilhem MADIOT in Fête de la sciences 2019 at MISS.

Rui ZHU's PhD defense (16th of September 2019 at 2:00 pm in C2N amphi)


June 2020: New paper on Mesoscopic Limit Cycles in Coupled Nanolasers appeared on Phys. Rev. Lett. Click here !

May 2020: New paper on Weak signal enhancement by nonlinear resonance control in a forced nano-electromechanical resonator appeared on Nat. Com. Click here !

Apr 2020: New paper on Equalization of pulse timings in an excitable microlaser system with delay appeared on Phys. Rev. Research. Click here !

January 2020:  On Jan 22nd, C2N hosts ANR Anaconda kickoff meeting.

January 2020:  Welcome to Gregorio Gonzalez ! Gregorio is a visiting PhD student from Univ. Chile for 3 months.

November 2019:  Welcome to Federico Monti and Sukanya Mahapatra (starting a PhD), Malik Kemich and Robert Horvath as postdocs in the group.