Molecular NanoPhotonics

Contact: Sylvain BARBAY, Ariel LEVENSON, Alejandro GIACOMOTTI

In this project we wish to combine the flexibility of molecular self-assembly and of nanophotonics to enhance the optical properties of molecular dipoles at the nanoscale. On one hand, molecular self-assembly can constitute very dense optical media, with very high dipole moments thanks to molecular interactions, which are desirable properties for using them in efficient nano-sources of light such as nanolasers. On the other hand, molecules are very sensitive to their electro-magnetic environnement and their emission is wrecked by various and strong non-radiative recombination channels, in particular close to metallic surfaces.

Our objective is to control the molecular dipoles localization, orientation and interactions by self-assembly and nano-fabrication techniques to enhance their optical properties and demonstrate efficient nano-sources of light.



Nathalie BARDOU
Fabrice CHARRA (CEA/IRAMIS, Saclay)
Jean-René ATTIAS (UPMC, Paris)



Strong Coupling between Self-Assembled Molecules and Surface Plasmon Polaritons

(J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 8, 5626 (2017))





  ANR SAMPLE  (2013-2017)