Microwave optomechanical oscillators

Involved people : Théo MARTEL (PhD), Giuseppe MODICA (PhD), Robert HORVATH (Post-doc), Rémy BRAIVE

The sensitivity of detection is linked to the spectral purity, which is the figure of merit of the phase noise in oscillators describing the spectral width of the modulated signal. A first challenge in this field lies in the direct generation of high-frequency microwave signals in the GHz domain and above, with ultralow phase noise. A second challenge in this field lies indeed in the implementation of miniaturized, compact, transportable and integrated oscillators, especially for potential on-board applications and on-chip signal processing.

Challenges faced by oscillators are to work at high frequencies created by the two scaling laws of performance for oscillator performances, which is increasing frequency and decreasing size while keeping a high spectral purity


Sylvain COMBRIE 
Alfredo De ROSSI (Thales-RT, Palaiseau)




Figure 1: Integrated optomechanical resonators (2D photonic crystal) integrated on Silicon-On-Insulator waveguides

Figure 2: Envisoinned platform with optomechanical 2D photonic crystal inetrogated through SOI waveguide and acoustically driven.


Demonstration of slow propagation of 2 GHz acoustical waves in a suspended GaAs phononic waveguide on insulator

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Control of the optomechanical coupling and integration on silicum circuitery of a optomechanical resonator

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Demonstration of optomechanical coupling in 2D photonic crystal in the GHz

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Optomechanical gigahertz oscillator made of a two photon absorption free piezoelectric III/V semiconductor
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C2N highlight

Integrated III-V Photonic Crystal – Si waveguide platform with tailored optomechanical coupling
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