Triplet photon generation


Contact : Kamel BENCHEIKH

Triple-photon states (TPS) are associated with the simultaneous generation of photon triplets by a third-order nonlinear interaction. It is the most direct way to produce pure quantum three-photon states exhibiting three-body entanglement and non-gaussian statistics. Over the last years, we have been investigating theoretically the quantum properties of TPS. Few astonishing results were obtained when compared to well-established twin-photon states entanglement: the lack of three-body quantum entanglement in the continuous variable regime of spontaneous TPS, robust intensity-dependent genuine three body quantum entanglement in the phase sensitive amplification configuration when the three modes are excited [1].

Our investigations on TPS are now going towards experimental demonstrations with a financial support from ANR through the TRIQUI (2017) research program. Indeed, in the framework of the national project TRIQUI, we shall investigate experimentally the quantum properties of triplet-photon states. The triple photons will be generated in KTP waveguides, designed and fabricated during the project in order to achieve phase-matching when pumped at 532 nm and generating triple photons with wavelengths around 1596 nm. During the project, high-efficiency single-photon detectors will be developed by the consortium and new quantum information protocols based on three-body entanglement will also be proposed.


Benoit Boulanger et al. (Institut Néel - Grenoble)
Xavier Solinas (LOB - Palaiseau)
Mathieu Chauvet et al. (FEMTO-ST - Besançon)







Continuous-Variable Triple-Photon States Quantum Entanglement
E. A. R. González, A. Borne, B. Boulanger, J. A. Levenson, and K. Bencheikh, .
Phys. Rev. Lett. 120, 043601 (2018)



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