Atomic-like phenomena for smart lasers


Involved People: Quentin Chateiller (PhD), Fabrice RAINERI (PI)


Our  objective deals with the exploration of sophisticated optical phenomena resulting from the coherent intercoupling of active nanocavities for the achievement of high yielding laser sources with attractive dynamics characteristics. This study is inspired by the analogy between atomic and photonic coherent effects occurring in multilevel atoms and in multiple coupled resonators, respectively. Amongst these effects, superradiance and lasing without inversion of population (LWIP) are the most attractive for the achievement of disruptive photonic emitting devices. 

Our hybrid platform where III-V semiconductors nanostructures are heterogeneously integrated onto a SOI waveguide is one of a kind for our objective as it enables an extensive control over the optical intercoupling of active nanocavities through quasi-lossless SOI waveguides. Indeed, the coupling strength as well as the coupling phase can easily be tuned with great accuracy by simply adjusting the geometry of these structures. Moreover, these parameters can be kept perfectly stable over time as we deal with integrated structures. One of the simplest coupling schemes consists, as shown in the Figure below, in fabricating 2 active nanocavities on top of the same SOI waveguide.


Schematics of active nanobeam cavities coupled through a SOI waveguide

Scaning electron microscope image of 2 InP-based active nanobeam cavities coupled through a SOI waveguide


Our team follows a methodological approach based on the tackling of the challenges to be taken up in the 3 fronts which are the design and modelling", the material growth and nanoprocessing, and the experimental assesments. To know more, click on the images.


  H2020 ERC Consolidator grant  (2017-2022)